Tamara Spiritual Center's Articles of Faith:

    1. We believe in God, the overall creator of the Universe. God is All. All is God.

    2. We believe humanity is the perfect essence of God's creation. As we recognize this divine nature, it brings us in tune in Infinite Intelligence.

    3. We believe in the evolution of the soul. Growth is our purpose in this life, as in other lives.

    4. We believe in prophets. Throughout the ages, God has worked through men and women who were sincere and sensitive to God's will.

    5. We believe in eternal life, having no beginning or ending.

    6. We believe in heaven and hell as being states of consciousness, or conditions of the mind; neither heaven nor hell are literal environments.

    7. We believe in the freedom of religion. The ultimate aim of religion should be the desire to lead man into a personal, spiritual experience with God.

    8. We believe in guardian angels or spiritual guides. They are etheric beings who have lived on earth and passed through the same experiences as we are now doing. This divine guidance is ours for the asking and accepted as an important part of our religion.

    9. We believe in miracles, such as performed by Jesus, while still upon the earth plane. Through sublime faith in Divine Intelligence (God), these same miracles are performed today.

    10. We believe that the Christ Consciousness is the perfect expression of God. All of us have this consciousness. It is up to each and every one to awaken to his relationship with the Father.

    11. We believe in communication with the so-called dead. We have searched, asked for, and found, to our own satisfaction that there is a conscious continuity of life after death as demonstrated by the Grace of God through mediumship.

    12. We believe in Divine Healing. This healing takes place by the spiritual influences illuminating through the healer, so that the cause, nature, and seat of the disease becomes known to the healer, thereby giving healing according to the will of God.